[BUG] Achievement "Homeless" awarded but I didn't delete my starting Town Center

Game Version:

  • Build: 35584
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Played as Huns for my first time I think in a Single Player game vs. one AI. I never deleted my starting TC, but I was awarded “Homeless” achievement at conclusion of match.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Play as Huns
  2. Build your econ and advance to Castle Age
  3. Build a Town Center somewhere else on map. For me, it was a forward TC near the enemy
  4. Play a while
  5. After advancing to Imperial Age, delete the TC you made in Step #3 and put a Castle in its place (I doubt the Castle part is critical, but mentioning just in case)
  6. Make another Town Center or two elsewhere on map (I made two)
  7. Win the game and be awarded the “Homeless” achievement. I never deleted my starting TC.

I have the recorded game if needed. Would just need to know how to send to you. Thanks!

I know others have reported a Homeless achievement bug, but my issue doesn’t really fall into their examples very well or at all, so I felt it necessary to make my thread here. Other threads I saw:

@GMEvangelos said they were unable to reproduce the issue internally for one of those other examples. If devs are unable to with mine, I have a recording of my game.

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We would love the replay or Replay File of the game in question! Send it my way and I’ll re-open the investigation to see what they can learn!

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Sounds great! Thanks, GMEvangelos. I will aim to do so later this evening when I’m at my PC. (Just don’t make fun of my gameplay, haha :sweat_smile:.)

Will I able to personal message you this file directly? If not, I will send you a link to my file a different way

The best way is to upload it to a OneDrive or Google Drive folder, then share the link. I can then pass the link or file to the team. =)

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Just as an update to all, I did send over my replay file to devs/QA for review :+1: