[Bug] AI loses path

Dear devs,

I have discovered a new bug.

○ Units stop on their way into battle if a building has been completed on their way there. Instead of automatically going around it, the player must select it again and send it off.

Kind regards


I hope this bug has been addressed.

AI will also stop where they are if you task them with attacking a unit that is later killed. The problem with this in large battles is that if your primary goal is to just get them over to said battle, and the unit you had clicked on dies, they never end up coming over.

I get how this could be useful if they are just pursuing one or two enemies, but in a big battle, it might be a bit too tedious to have to try and click a piece of land that no one is fighting on if there are a lot of units filling the screen.

Might be better if the game engine stops them if the unit dies and there are no other enemies around, but keeps them moving if the selected enemy dies but there are other enemies in that area.

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Thank you @Michaelp800 and @chimpanvi! We are aware of some AI issues—working on it!

@chimpanvi would using Attack Move in your example change anything?

I don’t know, I’d have to load up a game again to see, I’ll try to do that when I have time and get back to you.

On another note, could I get some comment on the bug reports I’ve posted on this board?

We’re working on it as fast as we can. We’ll see everything eventually. Keep 'em coming!

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