[BUG] Benefit Info missing from some upgrade icons

Game Version:

  • Build: latest
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Benefit info should show for wall and tower upgrades, and other icons, imo. I don’t understand why some icons wouldn’t tell us the benefit of upgrading; seems strange to not have that info. The issue has existed like this for a long while (i.e, previous builds), if I remember correctly.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Make a Library in Castle Age, as Spanish if it matters.
  2. Hover over Wall and Tower icons.


  1. Make a Stable
  2. Hover over Light Cavalry upgrade.

I’m sure there are probably more icons impacted, I’m just not able to go through them all.

Very little info displays. We don’t know what advantages are coming our way if we research the techs that are impacted by this issue.





None of the above images show benefit details like these icon examples do within the same game, without enabling any other options:



You need to turn on Extended Tooltips in options interface menu

These are shortened ones and only show most obvious info about the tech

Also, if you want even more additional info than the game displays, i suggest the mod https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/14335 (u need to have the extended tooltips turned on in options too tho)

I think I already had that turned on. The screenshots in the 2nd half of my post show other icons from the exact same game, without me enabling any other options than what I was using in the 1st half of my post. Why don’t fortified walls, guard tower, and light cavalry upgrades show some type of HP+/armor+/etc. info like everything else does?

And if my Extended Tooltips did, indeed, get disabled yet again, that’d be a little frustrating…

Yeah, quite unbelievably, Extended Tooltips got deactivated by the patch or the game again! BUG.

Then why don’t you just disable future items if it bothers you this much ?

This whole thread sounds like you have a problem with seeing things you can’t access and not knowing why, so why not simply either check the tech tree or disable the future items feature.

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I was in the wrong thread with the majority of that post, sorry.

Regardless, bad UI/UX design is bad design. The simple solution would be to not use it… but as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I want to use it… but only if it gets designed better. Since it’s a new feature, maybe the devs aren’t aware of confusion it causes. Yeah, you’re right, I could shut it off and never say anything; but I’m not fond of that advice and take a slight offense.

In these forums, we’re free to comment, suggest ideas, and report bugs, right? So let me and other people do so. “Turn off” a feature that causes confusion and will undoubtedly cause confusion for new players is hardly a good solution. Maybe if that’s how you run your businesses, great. But other businesses like to improve things.

because that has been like that since 1999, and they didn’t think of changing it.

if u are unhappy with it, download some improved tooltip mod(like mine for example xD)

This is the self-proclaimed “Definitive Edition”. Through my feedback, I aim to make it ‘definitive.’ As does everyone else giving feedback and suggestions for the devs in the forum.

Mod hacks and workarounds shouldn’t be what makes the game ‘definitive.’ No, the “Definitive Edition” game, itself, should aim to do that.

And since the dev team(s) will be supporting this title for a long time to come (hopefully), there is ample time to someday squeeze in HP+/armor+/etc. info in places where it was accidentally missed or forgotten in HD- or since 1999.

I appreciate your energy to make mods, though. If and when the day comes when devs have ceased making any updates to AoE2:DE, and given it the sad but inevitable “end of life” label, that is when I will yield to the power of mods as the final and only answers left for updating this precious title. Until then, let’s aim to make it the “Definitive” edition out of the box.

Suggesting that people download a cobweb of mods to get the ‘definitive’ experience seems to be a common refrain in this forum. Yet I feel things that are broken, were poor original AoE2 decisions, were not implemented well, are inconsistencies, or were forgotten should not be written off as, “Oh, that’s just how it has always been, therefore use a mod to fix it and stop complaining.” That type of thinking is a little lazy. I want the game itself updated; as do the players who buy this for the next ten+ years.

Who wants to have to search for and install 20 different mods just to get the “definitive” experience band-aided together? What percentage of players would actually know to do that, or know what they’re missing, or know that there is a patchwork of mods to fix the particular issues, anomalies, and less-than-ideal things they’re seeing? And then what percentage of those would actually do anything about it, or know where to go, know what to do, or actually spend time to do anything about it? And what happens when you get a new computer and have to re-install the frankenstein network of mods again?

It doesn’t matter; the game just needs to be updated to fix things, ideally. I wish modding wasn’t as pushed as heavily as ‘the final and only answer’ as it is. If you want to use mods and not have the game improved or fixed at the root level, then by all means, continue to make and use mods :wink: But for the rest of us, let us submit our suggestions to the devs in peace. After all, they’ve asked us to give feedback.