[BUG]Close combat soldiers cannot attack ships, such as knights

Game Version:

  • Build (34223)
  • Platform (Steam)


Close combat soldiers cannot attack ships(Any AI) , Whether or not it enters the attack range,Whether how close。 for example:knight can‘t attack Galleon or cannon Galleon,Whether or not it enters the attack range,Whether how close.

my map type is SEA-Bog_Arabia

Bumping the thread. No one repaly


Can’t reproduce the issue.

Is it possible you just have that problem where melee units will just stop in place and not attack? That isn’t related to ships though.

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thank your reply , AI‘s melee units can not attack ships ,Although it can attack ships . If human control, it can be attacked,but the AI will not Active attack! you know,Usually, when AI under attack, then he will strike back ,but when The attacker is a ship,the AI will not strike back , AI only know run away!it is the BUG!!!1upload://8kzlXF676pRkYVyghFT2XjgcuwH.gif

Ok was able to reproduce it.

It looks like AI melee units completely ignore ships. They still use ranged units on ships so dunno if this impacts games against AI at all.

Current patch AI doesn’t attack ships with ranged or melee non-ship units.

Ok, did some testing. By the looks of it only the enemy onager line and monks targets naval units. All other AI land units don’t attack naval units.