[BUG?]Disappeared Military Advanced Commands

Game Version:

Build 101.101.32708.0 4382514


I didn’t change the settings, but the military advanced commands disappeared.

Reproduction Steps:

I don’t know how to reproduce this. As I mentioned, I didn’t change anything when it disappeared, as I recalled.

I tried to reset all the settings but nothing works.

Only attack move and garrison remained.


No one answer my question?
I have been trying resetting all the settings, hotkeys, reinstalling the game, deleting all the userdata files for DE. Yet, nothing works.

I know how to fix this in HD and earlier versions but DE do not have that button.

same here! plz fix this ASAP!!!

Once you deleting all the userdata files, it still download from cloud,even if you turn off steam cloud setting.

I found a way to solve it temporarily,use family share to create new profile,advanced commands should be there until BUG happens again .

I had the same problem and I think I figured out how to fix it. You have to go into the scenario editor and set a trigger where the effect is “Use Advanced Buttons.” Then test the scenario and you should be able to use them. Then just quit the scenario and it should work. If it happens again, just repeat the process.


Great, this works. Thank you.

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Good job, very appreciate!
Bug happened right after i try scenario editor,maybe its the cause.
hope it will be fix someday.

Its happens again,so i confirm bug happens when you are in EDITORS,and click menu ,as soon as click options,every setting will disappear (language will be portuguese-brasil,resolution will be 633*356,and advanced commands gone…)


i have the beug, and impossible to use military advanced commands…
i go play AOE2 HD… ■■■■

Maybe read the comments? The fix is in this thread…

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