[BUG] English Capital Town Center not showing or missing at the start of a match

Hi, you there!

Well, for me AOE 4 was fine until the last update and server patch.
The thing is the English capital town center is missing at the very start of the match in Dark Age. It restores when aging up to the Feudal Age.

Because It comes from the Xbox App/Microsoft Store I have tried resetting the game in the Windows App Settings and reinstalling it, but just did not work. Also tried deleting game data on the Desktop folder and AppData folder, with no result.

Also, I have tried making a mod with the Content Editor but it shows “references an instance that doesn’t exist”

I met the same issue(including a content editor issue), I thought that new simple TC is an in-dark-age realistic English civs feature…

Thank you for reporting! There is a fix in the works for this one. Much appreciated!