Bug Event Challenges

Impossible to finish a quest and the timer still stuck

I have the same problem. Killed the stag and nothing happened.
Same with the French trade challenge.

Same problem for me as well.
It’s affecting the tithe barns, lumber preservation, and enchanted stag quests for me as well.

i completed the stag and lumber preservation in pvp quick matches. maybe it is not counting in certain game modes, like custom?

I forgot that I had the Thick Woods mod on. Although, I still managed to get the English Farms challenge while it was on.

Yep, I’ve killed it with villagers and with military - doesn’t register.

I was able to complete the French trade one, although I didn’t chop any wood at all for the whole match. I started on High Resources and built my market as soon as I could.

You have to use traders to deliver wood

Yeah I have the same problem, the Stag, the thick wood and the French quests can’t be completed

I know for a fact Deerly departed isn’t completing for me.

Edit: Once I took off the thick forest or tough forest or whatever it was I played another match and Deerly Departed and Wood Please both completed ( I had to do them both again it wasn’t just a I played something else and that jogged the system.)

You can’t use a tuning pack, do it only for Hinterlands, then disable it, it invalidates all other challenges (yes, it’s stupid.)

Thank you for reporting, all! We are definitely looking into this.