Bug: Fishing Ships will idle sometimes when full. Must click on dock before they can fish again

I thought this bug went away, but it is definitely happening in the PUP. Occasionally the fishing ships will not be able to fish after they have a full load of fish (40, 50, 70). If you click on the fishing spot, instead of going to the dock, they will go idle. However, it can be “fixed” by right-clicking on the dock (to drop off the fish) and then right-clicking on the fishing spot.

But, how they get bugged out I cannot seem to determine what causes it. You cannot really see the zzz’s on this idle ship, but note that it is full and I assure you it is idle after right-clicking on the fishing spot, with a dock right in site.

I did encounter this too, couldn t pinpoint out why, but it happened to me on river fish not deep fish. For some reason out of nowhere 1-3 fishing ship stopped working, and even I clicked them back onto fish multiple times they would not keep working might have been the same issue for me as well.

Us too :laughing:! We’ll check into this. Thank you for reporting!

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