[BUG] Four Villagers Can Work One Farm for 4X Food Generation

Hi, I found a new bug in this game. 4 villagers can do 1 farm and the food gets x4 on 1 farm.
this is my test

Can you give exact steps for reproducing the bug because from the video it looks a bit vague.

From the looks like it, the re-build/seed function is broken somewhere.

From my experimentation with it, it seems that 4 farm are superpositioned rather than 4 villagers on the same farm. Still a bug though.

And it does take the extra wood so you don’t gain free ressources.

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yes. U are right. I forgot the wood goes down.

where is 1st food increment? I think that is a bug tho.

Still it is a major exploit because you don’t have to worry about your farms being raided. You can just wall in on RM or even in DM you can get early eco going without losing too much time.

Definitely needs to get fixed.

You still need the multiple TC to make it possible. It’s not as big as it seems imo, but a bug is a bug and it need to be fixed.

yes. It’s small bug. all ok.

Hi! So, in normal situation, 1 peasant can do 1 farm? I’ve just tried to lead several peasants to do 1 farm, and only one from them began working