Bug: freeze 5-10sec upon entering a new age

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  • Build: 40874
  • Platform: Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: IamKoty

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Hi, my game lags/freeze completely upon either I or enemy enter a new age (feu, castle, imp). It happens in single (AI), multi and also in replays.
The issue started approximately 2 weeks ago, current page has not fixed the issue.
Its impossible to play in multiplayer due to such game freezes.
The game worked perfectly prior to that.

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Played over 30 games either online or offline and it lags in every single game.

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Game logs

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I think simply your graphics card or some other component isn’t that good so the game freezes a bit when updating all the unit graphics

Reason I think this is because when I switched to enhanced graphics pack, I received that same type of lag, every time i aged up, or every time i upgraded a unit for example from archer to crossbowmen, there was a bit of lag/freeze while the graphics transfer. So I turned off the enhanced graphics and went back to normal and it doesn’t lag.

hi Harooo, thanks for your feedback. That would make sense, however I did not change anything in my hardware and the game did not lag before mid September. I will try to investigate on the graphic card drivers, possibly roll back the update…