[BUG] I didn't get new map pool

  • **GAME BUILD #:56005.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

Map pool changed recently but my map pool didn’t changed

Note: i used windowed mode only for taking screenshot in order to my clock and date become visible.

You did get the new map pool. We all did. It ticked over about 20ish hours ago for me, and presumably others. The maintenance this morning seems to have broken it, and it reverted back to the one in your screenshot.

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Seems to be working fine on our end. Could you make sure that you have the last version of the game? Maybe in AoE -< Properties → Local Files you can verify your files

It’s fixed for me now, and I would assume others. Maybe it was a time thing with the maintenance? First I played one of the maps before the pool ticked over, then the maintenance happened and the pool ticked back, so I played some more of that, and now it seems to have been fixed.