[Bug] Imperial Official collecting tax without cooldown when ordered to supervise

How to reproduce:

  1. Start a game with Chinese.
  2. Build Mill at Berries.
  3. Train an Imperial Official and keep him away from the Mill for now.
  4. Collect sheep with Scout and place them at the Mill, preferably on the side with the TC.
  5. Wait until you have 40+ tax at the Mill.
  6. Bring Imperial Official near the Mill with tax collection on Auto and let him collect first 20 gold.
  7. After Official returns the tax to TC, order him to supervise the Mill.
  8. Notice how the Official will collect tax instead of supervising, even though the Mill should be on cooldown.
  9. Supervise again after turn in and notice how the Official once again collects the tax instead of supervising.

Note: This bug wasn’t there before the latest patch.

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Thanks @sohanandrei! Appreciate the thorough repro steps :heart:!

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