Bug in 1 mission Barbarossa achievements

There is achivements:
Furor Teutonicus
Defeat all opponents instead of collecting the required Relics in the first Barbarossa mission “Holy Roman Emperor”.

I defeat all enemies and collect only two relic and i don’t get this achievements.

I have the same bug. Also, I can’t get the “Offense Is the Best Defense” achievement for Saladin mission 6 “The Lion and the Demon”. All the progressive achievements such as “Wololo”, “” Castle Crusher" and “Kaboom” don’t track. There’s no progress shown for these achievements.

I suppose you could just make a Save before you win for when they fix it.

Many people are reporting the achievement not triggering, however whether or not the achievement triggers appears to relate to your interaction with the Cumans (Grey). They are a band of mercenaries that you can buy for 200 gold at the far right of the map. When I got this achievement, I didn’t buy them or kill them and simply had no interaction with them whatsoever other than discovering their presence. Some people are mentioning that if you buy them or kill them, it can stop the achievement triggering.