Bug in the ELO system

Hello there,

I was a rank 30-ish teamplayer about a couple weeks ago but we noticed a change in the ELO system. It looks like its shared now, so mainly if you play together with a lower ELO account u’d get more points then you should. Especially winning against mid or lower elo ranks. We kinda wanted to try out and have some fun with it to see how high it can actually take you. Well i have to say i made it to rank 1 (i immediatly de-ranked by quitting a team game) because its definatly not a place i belong neither is top 10 tbh. So i am concered it might cause alot of controversy in the community and people who are in the top 10 legit, can lose their ranks pretty easily. So i really hope this gets fixed or at least gets looked at.



ELO Wins are shared now and if a high ELO plays with a low ELO player the gains are shared even if they play two mid ELO players.


But really please fix Devs.

As if having team game ratings be based on your rating vs the highest rated opponent on the other team was a good system that lead to ratings that weren’t worth less than nothing lol. I’m not sure what it got changed to if it got changed but if it’s now rating average of the team vs rating average of the other team that makes sense. If it’s rating average of your team vs rating of highest rated opponent that’s also trash like the previous system.