Bug in villager animation after conversion

After converting villagers, if sending them to perform any resource collection (food, wood, gold, stone), the respective animation does not appear. The converted villagers do collect the resources, but they appear static, not even ‘walking’ to the drop point (see image). This happened whenever I converted a villager and put it to work. Tried with different civilizations, with and without relics (Abbasid dynasty, e.g.), and different maps and game modes. In all, the animations do not happen.

Game version:

Thank you.


Why is it being almost a month since you posted this and nobody has acknowledged the bug?

It’s 100% reproducible: every converted villager will have broken animations when gathering resources.

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Thanks, all! I believe a fix should be coming for this one.

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in Aoe2, it is often taking them more than 6 months to 1 year to fix things. not to mention the stuff THEY break themselves after an update and dont fix because of “priorty”. really disheartening