[BUG] Invisible units during ranked play

Hi there,

I have a really annoying bug that occurs quite frequently.
Some units are completely unvisible. I cant see them. I can only select them via idle military hotkey. They still attack and behave like a normal unit otherwise. But It’s unplayable this way, since I can’t even select more than one unit at a time.
My opponent sees them just normally.

I have a replay, which probably wont help too much though, as the replay itself will show the units normally. I will just add it anyway. Every cav archer and Knight I created in this game behaved in this way (I resigned pretty soon then since there was no point to continue).


If there’s any fix for this please let me know.

This only happens in multiplayer. Singleplayer runs perfectly fine. My system is also capable of running the game and I think my benchmark test scored over 1100.