[Bug] [Issue] 28 Dec 2019 - Disconnects still happen + Can't host subscribed scenarios

Game Version: 101.101.34223.0

  • Build: 4509956
  • Platform: Steam


ISSUE 1: As the title says, we still (28 dec 2019) get random disconnects all the time! Some times the host randomly disconnects, other times one of the other players (we usually play 5-8 people together). The disconnects can happen early game, mid game or late game, it’s totally random! Also, some times the game says that we lost the connection to the xbox servers etc, but this message shows occasionally. This problem also used to happen when playing LOCAL LAN games, using LAN servers… Why make the game this way? I mean, it all points to the same thing: We need to have some stable connection to the xbox servers all the time while playing online (ofc duh), but also for LAN games? :confused:

ISSUE 2: [FIXED] When we subscribe to mods (scenarios), we can’t locate these maps in the custom scenario area when hosting games online. We currently need to manually copy the maps from the mods->subscribed area to the resource->scenarios area ourself.This should be fixed! Either the game needs to search for scenarios in the mods->subscribed area, or the game need to automatically copy all subscribed scenarios to the main scenario folder where we can edit/host the maps as we like!

Reproduction Steps:

  1. There are no steps to reproduce the issues described above, they happen randomly ever since the release of this game.

EDIT 29 Dec 2019:
Please ignore the ISSUE 2, I recently discovered why some Mods/Scenarios don’t show up in the Custom Scenario area for hosting etc. It all depends on how you build your MOD/Zip file folder structure. If you just zip the scenario, the map won’t be available to host, but if you structure your folders correctly and add the scenario into the correct folder, it will be available for hosting or editing :))
So this topic is fixed atm. Seems like we have to create this folder structure ourself inside the zipped file, the game nor Microsoft will not fix this for us when we upload scenarios lol.

Solution: Before zipping your Scenario, create these folders --> resources --> _common --> scenario --> “your scenario file.aoe2scenario” - Then Zip the first folder containing the subfolders with the scenario. Thats it :slight_smile:

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About issue nr1.

We would all really like for you to post in here:

This has becomed the offical thread for collecting information regarding the “disconnect” bug.

Its been tracked that it affects games that are “LAN” hosted to (probably good if you remention that in ur report)

Find a purple post from “GMEvanglos” - and reply to it with the information he requires. Do remember to mention that the “DC” bug also affects you when you host a “LAN game” :slight_smile:


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