Bug/meccanics that doesn't work

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition
on Steam

I just want to share some bugs that often occour to me.

Pathfinding while attacking - often when i order a unit (or a small/medium group) to attack a specific unit/go to a specific point, they intesad go to attack the nearest enemy unit, that happends even of i repet the order multiple times.

Rams - often when approaching a building, the ram stop.

Market - sometimes the market doesn’t refresh with the new resouces buyed/selled.
For example: if i sell some wood in order to have the gold to buy food, when i got enough gold i still can’t buy the food until i re-select the market.

Yodit campaing - on the first mission doesn’t appear the medal after having completed it and even unlock the next one.

Ok the market problem seems to have been resolved with the last update.

The market bug has returned.
Also i notice that there is some unit’s names that are mistaken in the version i’m playing (italian). For example the magyar hussar (both standard and elite) isn’t called that, the name appearing is “ponte-C-crollato” (bridge-C-broken), on varius campains there are other special unit with similar problem but this one is persisten across all game tipes.