Bug mod are install without my permission


New mods made by the game are automatically installed and I found no way to forbid that.

In bonus:
Llobby are totally empty since yesterday… I see only 3 or 4 games and people in it also see the same few rooms. We was all on micorsoft store and all in France or germany.

Queue to attack different object didn’t work any more. Units attacks only the last one in the queue.

Attack move is quite broken, with hotkey it didn’t work any more. It require press the button on the UI.

Hi @rdcdt !

Are these issues still present for you? In which build you found them?


Thank you for your reply. Update are managed by windows store and it’s install all new available version. I can’t tell you with which version it happen. Today I am in game version : 58850
My mod are a mess, I don’t see all I have. It miss the mod with blood, persistent corpse, idle villager (and perhaps more).
I don’t have any more the issue of a dozen install mod that I have never suscribed.

I don’t have any more the issue with few room available.

yes, this happens every time a new upadate come sin.

installe dmods dont work or are disabled and new mods are forced in officially…

the few rooms is due to not having full updated winows or AOE DE 2, which is again weird…

if AOE DE 2 or WIndows does not have all the updates then game wont launch- another weird issue

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