BUG: Multiple Selected Outposts Emplacements Annoyance

So I assumed this bug had already been logged, but since I don’t see it referenced I am sharing it here.
It is bothersome and seems fixable. It mostly applies to outposts, but also docks and castles I think. Maybe other units or upgrades. If this is already reported, my apologies.

  1. So assume you select a whole bunch of outposts (Select All Outposts hotkey in my case). Assume in Imperial (though the problem is basically all ages). You you will see the emplacement options in bright green for the 3 emplacements and Fortify.

If you click on Fortify, for example, It will still be green (sometimes with the bar at the bottom starting to fill up). You can keep clicking on it until it darkens. What it is doing is adding Fortify to each tower (presumably in the order they were built) until they are all upgrading, which you can see in your HUD to the left.

  1. Now if I do this for an emplacement, then it immediately darkens and I cannot click on it again. This would make sense if it were a single individual tower, but not many. And on a single tower, the other two emplacements would be unavailable as well. e.g. In this screenshot, one tower was already upgrading arrowslits and then I click select-all outposts and you see it is researching 1 in the HUD on left and that it is green but with the progress bar at bottom.

  1. Now if I click on the arrowslits I get this next screenshot where you can see 2 arrowslits in queue on left but the arrowslits is darkened as if I am out of stone (which I am not). Note that the other 2 emplacements are still available. Not for the towers upgrading the arrowslits but for the other 35 in this case. (Except for fortify, which is available for all 37 in this case).

  1. Next you see I can click on springald, after which it shows up in the queue on left with a bar below springald, but the springald is still green, implying I can keep clicking on it (or cannon, but not arrowslits.)

  1. In this next screenshot I am clicking on cannon instead, with the same result. the two “not-original” emplacements are able to be selected for all the rest of the towers as would Fortify.

  1. For what it is worth, you can see in this next screen shot that the springald is now available but not cannon but only because there is not enough stone. This is as expected.

  1. Next is an example of Fortify also being darkened when I thought it should not. But I think it works and that I merely had already upgraded all the previous towers so this is what it should look like.

So there are two cumbersome workarounds which help explain the bug:

  • (1) First is clicking hotkey for Cycle Outposts and then upgrading that tower individually. Repeat with cycling. This is cumbersome.
  • (B) Second is the bug I am referencing, seen in the next screenshot. The emplacement clicked (arrowslits in this case) is grayed out, but not the other two. You can click on the second type of emplacement as many times as you like until they are all queuing (or you run out of sufficient stone).

NOTE: It does not matter the original choice or the order. If I click on cannon first, I can then choose arrowslits or springalds for the rest of the outposts, but never cannon again. So the first choice is one that I generally was not intending for the majority of the towers in the particular case.

What if I want 100% of the outposts cannon or 100% arrowslits? Getting an unwanted emplacement merely so I can get a QoL effect is odd.

I noticed this is the same for docks and the naval arrowslits.

If this could be fixed, that would be great. Thanks for reading!

Thank you for the very thorough exploration of this issue @JohnDresty! We’ll definitely take a look.

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