Bug or not? Villagers do not remain in farms if last queued action has no vill cap

Ok, so maybe the caption is not fully accurate, so let me explain here.

Say you have 12 idle villagers that you select using Ctrlj + [period]. You want to place a mill, 8 farms and the remaining 4 vills should go to wood, or gold, or build barracks, etc.

I know I should not be comparing, but I cannot help it: In AoE II, you would place all those actions in queue, and the end result would be 8 farms with one villager each, and the rest in the task queued last. In AoE 4, all 12 vills would end up in the task queued last. My expectation is that every time a farm is built, a villager stays behind farming.

With the current AoE 4 behavior, I would have to place the mill and the 8 farms, wait for all to be built and wait for 8 of the 12 vills to start farming. Then re-select idle villagers and assign the final task.


While I don’t think this is a bug, I do think this is a great point of feedback on how job queuing for Villagers works. I’ll take it to the team. Thanks @webJose!


It’s really nice that you guys are listening to feedback like this…but let’s just take a step back and point out how ridiculous it is that the players have to explain to you how this works in a game that was released 23 years ago…that you are supposed to be at least using as a bit of a reference if not a straight-up model.

There are SO MANY “quality of life” fixes that should be present…because they existed in previous age games. I’m not talking about balance, I’m not talking about units, I’m talking about simple “this is how it should be because this makes the game smooth and less frustrating for the players.”

You guys need to play some Starcraft II, some AoE II and III and see how they handled some of that stuff, it’s relatively simple to understand.

The players would be happy to make a huge list of them for you, put out a feedback post that asks for things that people are missing, you will get an overwhelming response to the point where you will barely know where to start, but it will help make the game better, faster.

There are some really smart players with really good ideas around.