Bug Report: Issues with Merchants and Tree Animations in Age of Empires IV

  1. Merchants not displaying transported resources: Currently, a bug is affecting the functionality of merchants and merchant ships. They no longer display the amount of gold or resources they are bringing back on their trade routes. Previously, players could easily see the specific quantity of resources being transported by selecting a merchant or merchant ship. However, due to this bug, that information is no longer visible.

Impact: This bug can cause confusion and hinder effective resource management. Without visibility on the amount of gold or resources being transported, players may struggle to make informed decisions and effectively manage their economy.

  1. Tree animations freezing: Another bug that has surfaced in the game involves tree animations. After a recent update, tree animations become stuck even after being collected by villagers, creating the illusion that the trees have not been chopped down.

Impact: This bug significantly affects the perception of available space and resource collection. Players may face difficulties in determining usable building areas or identifying which resources have already been collected.

I hope the developers are aware of these issues and are working on fixes to restore the correct functionality of merchants and address the frozen tree animations.

Thanks @SirMenezes6862! Should be improvements coming for both of these. Your report is much appreciated!