Bug Report- Victors and vanquished can not build units at Wonder (“Deva”, “Warrior hall”, etc)

Sounds like your just a little kid whos throwing a fit these moderaters and devs are here to make the game better it takes time if you were an adult youd understand that and mods policy is to respond to every message so no he is not having the last word your just immature.

We all understand the frustration the game has right now ive been playing the secnarios and half of them dont even work when it comes to creating units out the special towers castles and such i just played the temujin mission and i cant create select the yurt to start a khurim im pissed but am not gonna take it out here no im waiting pissed off waiting but still all the same waiting

Dont be a spoiled entitled brat theres already enough of those in the world


I’ve tested every campaign at least in the Victors and Vanquished DLC. Any mission that requires you to use a wonder to spawn units, pick an option, and end the game after you’ve won, does NOT work. Still needing a fix for this. I believe It’s been since the update on May 16th.

Was hoping yesterday’s maintenance would sort this problem but no joy! Still can’t open command menu when selecting wonders, deva etc and also yurts and tents. Spent hours on a mission only to not be able to finish as can’t open wonder

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This has been a frustrating bug for a while now… Still no report on it either. Even though I’ve emailed and seen multiple posts on here.

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Any updates? Been a while now. Ly x

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I thought it was just me being dim. So certain levels of the Victors and Vanquished DLC are unplayable in its current form? That’s annoying.

Yes. It’s getting kinda ridiculous how long it’s been now. I just want to finish the last few missions.:upside_down_face::sweat_smile:

Thank you for your patience!

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