[BUG] "Resource 190", part of the Mayan civ bonus, is causing Mayans to farm faster than they should after Hand Cart

Game Version:

  • Build (34793)
  • Platform (Steam)


As the title says, Mayans, after researching Hand Cart, are able to gather food from Farms quicker than they should be able to and actually gather from Farms faster than all other civilizations in the game, excluding the Slavs. After testing, this caused by the effect “Resource 190”, which is one of the several Resource effects that the Mayans have which makes up their extra resources civilization bonus. 190 affects food, or as it appears now, food from non-herdables.

This is because “Resource 190” in Definitive Edition now affects the workrate of Farms, as in the Farm Building itself. For those who are not familiar on how Farming works in AoE2, a short and simplfied answer is that Farms do not have all of the food available for the Villagers to gather from it but rather the Farm outputs units of food for the Villager to collect. Farms have a workrate which generates food that Villagers are actually able to collect from the Farm at a rate of 0.4s. For most civilizations, after Hand Cart, the Villagers workrate exceeds what Farms are able to output and are waiting for the Farm to generate food. This means that, excluding the Slavs, Farmers have a hard maximum cap of roughly slightly over 24 Food per Minute that they can gather from Farms.

Slavs are able to Farm past this “Cap” because their civ bonus also increases the workrate of Farms and normally, they are the only civilization in the game that the workrate of Farms is affected. However, as in the Bug report, Resource 190 for the Mayans is now affecting the workrate of farms. While technically it affected the workrates of Villagers as well (which is countered by giving Mayan Villagers lower workrates), the effect never actually touched the workrates of the Farm buildings in HD / AoC.

Mayans, with Hand Cart, now gathers at a rate of roughly 24.53 Food per Minute due to this bug (Average from 12 results in an optimal 8 Farm TC setup). While not that significant, it’s only a 0.5 increase, or +2.1%, this still makes them the 2nd best farmers in the game now, in terms of raw gather rate in the late game.