[BUG] Streltsy

Streltsy still have a few bugs and it’s about time they were finally addressed.

The first one being when they are targeted by ranged units i.e. archers, they will run into melee and use their Bardiche:

Secondly, I don’t know if it’s a tooltip error or a miscalculation but their static deployment buff is supposed to give +9 damage and 30% attack speed at 3 stacks. The damage is correct but the attack speed only appears to give 15% (5% each stack):

With a base attack speed of 2.00s, 30% reload speed should bring the Streltsy’s attack speed down to 1.40s, but only brings it down to 1.70s attack speed, thus working out to be 15% (Note: the +3 damage per stack is correct)


Streltsy are my favourite unit and I always die a little inside when I see my expensive guys run into archers to use their axe even though they have gun!

Hope this helps and will get fixed soon!

Thanks for reporting @Simplify9292! Fixes for these should be in an upcoming update. I don’t think it’s the upcoming Season 2 update, but they definitely are coming! Appreciate the report!

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