Bug that makes it possible to pick up repeated cards with Mexico (GAMEBREAKING BUG)

  • Came to here report a game breaking bug in the intention that the developers fix this bug.

*The bug consists of you not selecting a deck until you acquire a revolution, you choose any card from the revolutionary deck, no worries. After catch age V you select a deck, and if there are repeated cards with the revolutionary deck (which you selected previously) it will not be counted because you had not selected any deck before the revolutio, allowing you to pick up certain game cards twice. So if there is a repeated card in the revolutionary deck that is in your deck, you can ask for it again.

  • I discover this bug being the victim of someone who abuses this bug to ruin the game of all the players present in the match, I recorded the match and I will attach the replay below.
    Gravar jogo.age3Yrec (17.3 MB)

*It’s a long match (a 60 min FFA Treaty), so people who are going to watch the match ask for a little patience to analyze

*I also ask other players not to abuse this bug until it’s resolved, as I said above it’s a game-breaking bug that ruins matches.


Thanks for your report! We are tracking this issue internally. :+1:

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