Bug that makes outpost towers useless. Build an OP one with only 45 stone

Something I discovered that certainly changes the balance of the game. I’d say it’s rather unfair and should be fixed.

You can create a outpost tower that can only be destroyed by siege for only 45 stone and fill it with tons of archers. At this point it makes the outpost tower obsolete.

What you do is build the smallest section of stone wall for 45 stone. Once you tell the villagers to begin constructing a stone wall tower, position your range units on the tower and cancel the build of the stone wall tower - you will get your 200 stone back.

Outpost tower is 100 wood, but can be attacked by units, and can only hold 5 garrisons.
With 45 stone, you can pack a ton of archers on a wall. Military units cannot attack it, and it’s inaccessible for any units on the ground to climb it.

Units are vurnerable on the wall, but also have mobility, and a faster fire rate, higher damage output than a outpost tower.

I’m surprised people don’t fortify positions more often in general tbf.

The obvious tradeoffs are that you can’t garrison villagers inside those towers and you can only do it at around feudal.

Also if I recall you can’t change the type of weapons mounted in these towers so there’s still utility in imperial to make cannon towers.

I do not consider this as a bug but rather a trick you have found to make the game easier. Similar things in starcraft would be zerg can build and cancel a BV to overdraft 1 population.

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Some would say it’s a trick, but that can debated and also what the devs decide.

I’d say in order to put units on the wall, you should be spending the 200 stone for the wall tower to be completed before units can go up there.

fair enough. or can put a penalty on building cancellation.

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You can also just delete a section of wall to make a ramp for anyone to use. Rebuild the missing section to “lock” the units on the wall.

Siege towers exist, too. I don’t think it makes sense for unbuilt stairs to be usable, though.

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I agree that the unbuilt tower being used to get on the wall seems like a bug. But disagree that it’s broken/OP.


Same here, the main reason for Outposts later in the game is the high Vision radius, which this is lacking. Also leaving 10 Archers stranded in the middle of the map does not sound very intimidating.

Most efficient way to do it is to build the three piece wall completely, and then delete one part of it.

It will become a ladder that your archers can climb. Afterwards build it again so nobody can get on top.
However you dont have to complete it, as just adding the queue order will remove the stairs.
You can also build the wall from on top of the wall, effectively being abble to build a way into your enemys base.

Sorry but apparently i cant attach more than one image per comment xd

Building from on top of the wall.

Cancelling the ladder by queuing a wall. image
If a mod could group the three posts it whould be awesome <3

These itty bitty wall towers are hilarious! I hadn’t seen this one.

What do you all think—bug or clever tactic?