[BUG] Unit creation does not work after loading a saved game

After loading a saved Skirmish saved game, Unit creation stops working. Units are added to the queue , but progress does not happen.

I purchased the game very recently and the issue was there from the beginning thus yet to finish the game. (Version 7.0.5976.0 )

I don’t have exact steps to reproduce as it seems to come at random situations, but only just after loading of saved game.

Appreciate a fix/workaround as Skirmish is my main mode of play and I am blocked


Same here. Also reported in this thread


Same here! Massive units queued, but none being built. Also happened after a save. Had been at 200 units, with loads queued, but will not build, even though my living units dwindled to 63/200.

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Same here. Some are saying you can rebuild the buildings and they’ll produce the troops again. But really…who can be bothered with that!? Might pop back over to Command & Conquer til this is fixed! :rofl:

The only workaround I can find for now is saving and loading the game till your units start to make themselves again, for some reason, when you load a game, there’s a high chance that unit creation just doesn’t work anymore.

Same here! the game is a mess after loading a saved game. Fit it! please

yes, so frustrating…happens to me every skirmish.

Please fix. This has been going on for months.

I stopped playing because I love skirmish mode, but often I need to split game sessions in multiple days because I cant usually play for more than 30 minutes. So I need skirmish mode to SAVE!

I stopped playing AoE4 because the save and load skirmish mode was bugged back in July. I came back to the game in November and this bug still has not been fixed?! #### ### ## has been months…

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The olny workaround i know is to destroy and rebuild military units. But it’s frustrating. It’s simply not undestandable why this bug is not already fixed.

The only way I continued to play skirmish was to destroy all military buildings and rebuild them, so then I could create more units :+1:

Bug seems to be fixed in last release, tested today

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