Bug: units moving without being commanded to do so

Game Version:

  • Build (unknown - latest Steam version on 21/02/2020)
  • Platform (Steam)


I’ve had numerous games where units move around by themselves without being commanded to do so. This particularly occurs when I have a lot of units in a relatively small space (though still plenty of space) and other units are trying to move nearby.

For example, during a recent multiplayer game, while I was away from my computer my co-player observed a group of 40ish Magyar Hussars running around a section of our base, breaking up into smaller groups in a way which only a computer would think is logical. Presumably this was because the nearby gate was locked and other units were jostling for space (possibly co-player trying to move units), but the units shouldn’t move unless commanded to do so. This has also occurred without a locked gate and has led to games being ruined, e.g. where a gate was meant to be kept closed, but the units then moved in a way to keep open a nearby gate and let the enemy in, leading to them sending a stream of units into the base and ruining everything.

This always happened to some extent in older versions of the game, but it is much more pronounced in Definitive Edition - there is much more movement and the computer appears to do this much more frequently. Similarly, in crowded fights between units, units will almost ignore commands to move and continue their fights; it seems very much like the computer overrides the player’s commands to avoid unwanted situations related to blocking, though this causes these other anomalies instead.

Reproduction steps

Lots of units (40+) in several groups altogether, possibly in a relatively confined space. Move other units nearby. Occurred in numerous multiplayer games.


Its not a bug its a feature, maybe a bad implementation in your case? hard to say

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In my view it is a clear gameplay bug - one that didn’t exist in previous versions (at least not to this extent). There should be checks to ensure the movements are only incremental (rather than splitting 40 hussars into about 5 groups moving around in different places at large distances) and that any such required movements avoid dynamic buildings, such as gates.


I protested this as loudly as I could in the beta, and it still enrages me. It’s definitely time for the community to get a second say and a veto opportunity having put up with it for long enough.


This new “Movement”, or ninnies running away (that’s what I call it) should be allowed to be turned off and on like how you can toggle it off when you make a scenario map.


I have this happen regularly with monks. If I have one monk or twenty it’s the same… I will go to the town centre to check the queue and when I get back the monks have moved out from behind the archers/knights to move into no-mans-land and get mowed down by enemy fire. It is driving me crazy!!! these units cost too much gold to have them mowed down for no reason.

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It’s the absolute worst with monks, and monks had a problem with wondering around too much even before! They have no stand ground option, which they desperately need, to get around the scattering behavior like other units can. And furthermore I usually keep them in box formation, but every time they scatter they forget this and revert to line formation.


It used to be I could get to the end of the game eventually… now all I spend my time doing is watching out for my monks. They move off without being asked and all wind up dead. it is like herding cats.Someone at DE has obviously decided to nerf my game style because they don’t consider set-piece battles to be the "proper way to play. You can keep your shortcut key click fest… This game is getting me down. I’m gone.

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This never happens to me in campaigns, but in standard games it happens as soon as there is an AI on my side.

It happens everywhere: in my base, on empty open fields, on the battlefield…and my ai ally doesn’t even have to have units nearby.

It is quite annoying.