[Bug] Units passing through under construction stone gate

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.34999.0 4580616)
  • Platform (Steam)


During a ranked game two units of my opponent by-passed a under-construction Stone Gate.
Two spearmans bypassed a Gate that was being build, the first one simple waked over the gate, the second one squeezed between the gate and a palisade wall, but there was no gap between the gate and the palisade.

Reproduction Steps:

Not sure how this issue could be reproduced, but I would suggest building the Palisade Walls and the Stone gate in the same position of the screenshot, and order a spearman to attack an enemy on the other side of the gate.
Screenshot only for the first situation is available, as I am a new user and therefore unable to upload more than one image.
If needed I can also provide the recorded game file.

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