[BUG] Villagers Forget How to Fish

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33315.0
  • Platform Steam


When I task villagers to gather shore fish they will stand idle when returning to fish after dropping off fish at the mill.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Build a mill near a pond with shore fish
  2. Task 2-3 villagers to gather fish from a single fishing spot.
  3. Watch the villagers gather fish, walk to the mill to deposit food and then return to the fishing spot and stand idle.
  4. Task the idle villagers away from the pond and then task them back to fish at the fishing spot. They resume fishing until they inevitably go idle again.



Played my first alpine lakes map game today. The villagers struggle to gather the fish and You have to constantly try and micro them in order for them to fish otherwise they just stand there bugging out. Really need to sort out pathing and change the fish to shore fish. Especially as there aren’t any boat on the map.

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If its changed to shore fish, you might as well call it India Lake.

Agreed on the pathing. Not so much on the shore fish though…

Hey there! Would you mind providing us with any of the following so we can investigate?

  • Video Clip of the issue
  • A replay file that highlights the issue
  • A Saved game file of the issue

This will help the QA team get a better idea of what you’re seeing so they can reproduce and escalate the problem.

Thanks for the report!

@Rmorley1985 Pinging to see if you can provide a replay file that highlights the issue more clearly for our QA folks! =)

@GMEvangelos This is the same issue I reported months ago on the forums. [BUG] Villagers Forget How to Fish

I can create a replay file of this issue later today.

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Recorded Game File Uploaded on OneDrive.


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So… I really like this map but even sending a single villager to fish in a pond will more often than not make him get stuck into an animation frame and idling so you have to keep ordering back to fishing. And even clicking many times they will still get stuck so it’s really frustrating and bugged.

Any chance for a fix being in the plans?


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Hi @BelatedLemur1, This is a known issue. I reported it last November in this topic. Unfortunately the known issues page does not show acknowledgement of this issue and the development team has not been providing updates on the forums, so I hope it is on the list to be fixed.

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Report from @thewookiees906 in a separate topic:

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This bug appears to be fixed in the latest update 36906. Thank you!