Bug where everyone but me in Ranked games drops

Everyone but me dropped in the first minute of the game. I won and got rank points.

  • User Funkmasta. I’m not on the ranking website because I’ve not played 10 1v1 games yet.
  • Happened 7/7 in 1v1 and maybe 5/5 in team. Teammates also drop in team games. Drops sometimes happen at different points if there is more than 1 other person in the game, all before-ish 1 minute.
  • I have CrossPlay enabled, using SteamPlay.
  • I played a ranked game a month ago and there were no problems. Create lobby also worked last month but I haven’t tried it this month.
  • Campaign works fine.
  • I’m not sure if the drops are triggered by me or I’m just super lucky.