Bug with buildings over hills

If you see the picture above, the white lines doesn’t match with the actual model from the house. There’s 6 stakes in the edges of the house and 2 in the middle. The one in the bottom right is not alligned with the model shown in white.
Because of this there’s a hole between the house and the palisade wall but you can’t see it.

This is clearly a bug that can make you lose games because you think you are fully walled while you are not, and since you can’t see it, the only way is to test with a palisade wall, which you can’t always do because there’s a lot of things to micro at the same time, specially in empire wars.

I don’t have the possibility to add all the detailed information bug posts are suppossed to require but i think that this is pretty straight forward and buildings should be more clear over the grid.

There are actually two holes here.
The white boxes correctly follow the terrain. The graphics for the building is placed at approximately central location and it is made for flat terrain.
If you double click the houses and shift double click the palisade wall you can see the white box for all of them and quickly figure out holes.

To fix this issue, building would need a set of different graphics depending on the slope configuration the are built on. As a fast solution these could be made by skewing the base graphic along the white box. But it may not look pretty.