Bug with Great Wall Gatehouse: no shoot (and other minor bugs)

Hello, first of all congratulations for this brand new features of the Great Wall Gatehouse.

That’s being said, I have to report 2 bugs I found playing with this landmark:

  1. Critical Bug: The Great Wall Gatehouse doesn’t shoot anything.

After the update, the Great Wall Gatehouse uses a nest of bees empacements to shoot enemies, but for some reason I can understand I played a match where it stopped to shot forever until the end of the match. I left my enemy to destroy it and tried to rebuild again, but nothing happens. That only happened in 1 match from all I played since the update, but if it can trigger once, i suppose it can be trigger more times.

  1. Minor bug: Siege units like nest of bees gets stucked inside the door when you send them trought the Great Wall Gatehouse in a group. If you push action move several times, finally the unit move ahead.

  2. For some reason sometimes when enemy destroy this landmark and you want to rebuild again you just can’t, even if you have a lot of resources, is impossible, you try to right-click on the ruins with villagers but doesn’t appeare the hammer mouse icon to repair like if the landmark is gone FOREVER :open_mouth:. This one I think that happened before this update, and it’s not fixed, or it was fixed and it returned again.

Thank you devs and keep it up! China is more fun than ever to play!

I add here the reproduction of the bug of the Great Wall Gatehouse no shoot, watch it @SavageEmpire566 and share it to the devs: https://youtu.be/UQdyupqYXak

As you can see in the second 00:16 is the last nest of bees shot of the Great Wall Gatehouse, after that it will never shoot again. I attatch here some screenshoots of the terrain before constructing the Great Wall Gatehouse if it helps, first there was a wooden wall of blue player and then a stone wall of green player before I started to control that area and build the landmark.

Got it—thanks @ReyNess!

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