Bug with random generator?

I honestly think, something is broken with the random generator in the game… Or is it by design?

In quick match, I often encounter the same map in a sequence, 2-3 times in a row.
Yesterday from 3 matches, quick match, random civ:

  • 2 danube rivers, 1 mongolian heights (ok, can happen)
  • all three times Mongols as a random civ

But this is not a unique sequence, I see similar things often.
I was wondering if the button for civ selection not working as intended, because every time I enter a new game lobby, it displayed mongols as a preselected civ. I changed it always to random, but I played with Mongols after that.

You are correct @WiseConcil—this is not working as expected. We’re definitely working on it. Appreciate the report!

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