Bug with villagers and shortcuts

There is a huge bug in game with the villagers, once they are assigned with a task, it’s impossible to make them do anything else… i can’t make them stop their work, can’t change from like wood to food, i can’t make them attack, etc. It is a nightmare. Also, all the shortcuts in game are simply not working at all. I can’t go in the menu, I can’t use any keys to make an action, wtf.

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Sorry to hear you’re having these problems! Unfortunately I can’t repro this; are you able to give me some more details so we can try to narrow what the problem is?

Are you still having these problems? Is this only in-game? Are you able to navigate the main menus using TAB + ENTER?

Is this only with a particular civ, or all civs?


Hola! I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it!!! and now it is working!!! It was only in COOP with friends that those issues were happening. Now it is working all fine after the reinstallation! Have a great day!

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