Bug (Xbox Series X) - Mongol Campaign 6 - The Battle of Mohi - Repair the broken bridge Objective


I’m unable to complete the objective “Destroy the Hungarian army - Repair the broken bridge” on Xbox Series X. The bridge on the left side of the map is repaired and my armies are moved to the two rally locations to flank the Hungarians, yet I’m unable to advance in the scenario. Please see attached screenshots, thank you.

Any fix for this? Im having the same issue…

@SAmsnAke1984 No fix available yet to my knowledge.

I’m having the same issue. Last night I capped soldiers on both of the flank points and got tired of waiting so I sent them in to get slaughtered :sweat_smile:

Thank you for reporting all!
I’ll have the team investigate this issue.

@ItsDustyCraig, @SAmsnAke1984, & @screamysauceboi

Can you confirm you are still experiencing this issue after the latest update?

While attempting to repro it, we observe the Objective is completed directly after repairing the broken bridge, with no adverse issues, moving into the Objective for “Ready an army to flank the Hungarians.”

(Repro steps also include loading from save mid-mission or disconnecting mid-mission.)


I am still having the same issue. After rebuilding the bridge and sending my armies to rally points. The scenario will not progress. “Repair, broken bridge” has not even checked that. It’s been done or “Build Mangonels to provide ranged area damage“ is showing finished. Even tried to attack and had to rebuild my mongol army from scratch. Also, only showing one rally point

I ended up deleting all of the “Auto save” games and that triggered The rest of the scenario to continue

Dear @Cobaltdragon913,

I’m still experiencing the issue. After repairing the broken bridge with villagers, I’m unable to progress to the next objective “Ready an army to flank the Hungarians”.

The was attempted 2/10/24 on Xbox Series X with AoE4 version 9.2.628.0 installed.

@ItsDustyCraig - Are you loading from an Autosave or selecting the Mohi Campaign and then pressing the button to “Restart” the mission?

While attempting this campaign mission myself on Xbox Series X version 9.2.628.0, I send the initial 10 troops to the first objective “Scout the area across the bridge”, then immediately pulled them back to Batu Khan’s army to gain progress towards “Escape the ambush”.
I then select the 10 villagers that become available and send them over to the objective on the left, initiating repairs once they get in range of the broken bridge.
After a few seconds, the repairs are completed and the objective is updated over to the next one, “Ready an army to flank the Hungarians”.

@Cobaltdragon913 ,

Upon booting up AoE4 on Xbox Series X, I select “Single Player” - “Campaign” - “The Mongol Empire” - “1241, Mohi” to begin the mission. The problem with the broken bridge objective is persistent after beginning the campaign mission in this manner.

I continue to receive a “Not enough disk space” error immediately after completion of the “Escape the ambush” objective and obtaining the ten villagers. However, this error has not prevented my completion of campaign mission objectives for the Hundred Years War or prior campaigns.