1:using the Chinese language will lag(FPS 60 directly to 1)
2:Chinese in age 4 have: 2Flying Crow,and they have 2Flying Crow(no limit),please tell me the 2Flying Crow,what should I do?
3:Western Falconet use 500 res,Chinese Flamethrower use 340 res.They only send 2 Flamethrower???Why?
4:Chinese Keshik and stepper Rider could get powerful it?

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Give it a better title

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The fact is, if you use Chinese Language in game, the FPS would decrease A LOT
I don’t know why it happens but actually it makes the Chinese players can’t play this game at all

By the way. After switching game language to English, every FPS problem could be solved.

Hi Redcoat16133 I’d like you to check this forum post, it describes the way you should format a bug report, as currently, I can’t help you.

Forum Post:

I am sure more people would be willing to help if you follow the guidelines!

Yours Truly,

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Hello Insiders!

Im from hungary and that’s not Kovat’s its ‘Kovács’ however we pronounce as you wrote but this is funny.
Have a good day, and I’m waiting the patch.

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You should make a separated bug post for this, following the correct template. :slight_smile:

Szia GSG992, thanks for reporting a potential spelling mistake.

There is a spelling mistake, but that’s not it. His name was Kovats, not Kovat or Kovács, so it should be “Kovats’s Legion” rather than “Kovat’s Legion”.

okay I accept that, but still that’s not a having mode in his name that’s Kováts and pronounce also like Kovács and I haven’t heard about Kovat that’s not a hungarian name :wink: