Bugfixes, patches, updates... Are expansions needed?


I haven’t played with AOE2 since early 2000’s, but maybe i will buy the DE.

My question:
If I had only the core game (the “vanilla” AOE II DE) without any extension on top of it, would I receive the new:
1 bugfixed
2 balance changing updates ?

For example:
Without buying the ‘Dynasties of India’ extension pack, can I have the Update_73855? Cuz Portugese are fun :slight_smile: :grin:

All the bug fixes and balance changes as well as all other changes to old civilisations are free for everyone that bought the Definitive Edition.
Only new civilisations and new campaigns are payed.

The only exceptions are the Hindustani that are free for everyone, since they replace the Indians.

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As I hoped :smile:
Thank you for your reply!

An other question:

I know there is a ‘small tree’ mod, which is great (damn I hated those lonely trees around my town center…), but does any ‘SMALL BUILDING’ mod or ‘SMALL WALL’ mod exist?

It was always a pain in my to click units “hiding” behind walls/buildings…

From memory, yes, those should exist. I know a Palisade Walls become Fences (which are much smaller) mod exists.

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