Bugs and QoL List

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Just a little bug crunching and minor QoL points, sorry if its a repost from previous reports!

  • UI Scaling doesn’t work on Definitive or Default mode.

  • Attack move doesn’t work for Colonial Militia (they just walk over the marker)

  • Attack Move priority is messed up. Instead of attacking the nearest unit, units will walk over the marker and then attack.

  • Using shortcuts too fast while swapping between Home City and Heroes (F2 - F3) can lead to a graphic glitch (black models and textures)

  • Pathfinding while building trading posts with multiple units selected doesn’t work.

  • Pathfinding is unreliable on hills. 50% of the time some units will try to walk over the hill. (and succeed, lol, due to the cliff bug)

  • Unit portraits have DXT5 scaling issues, they look sharpened due to DXT mipmaps (vanilla bug, still there)

  • Act I - Temple of the Aztec | Major lag while rotating the camera near the Aztec Map.

  • Units can climb over hills and cliffs.

  • Heroes and units can get perma stuck near trading posts (on trading routes)

  • Act I - Library of Stone | Alain have animation issues and T pose during the cinematic.

  • Act I - The Fountain of Youth | Fixed Gun can’t be captured back by enemies on if you have any buildings around, like a house.

  • Using a hero skill while having a multi unit group selected causes the units to stop attacking while the skill animation is executed.

  • Act II - Reunion | Cinematic is broken. Nonahkee doesn’t show up at all, causing the animation to stuck.

  • Act I - Spanish Treasure Fleet | Spanish Treasure ships can’t be captured back by the AI on even with 50 units over it.

  • Minor lag issues while the camera is over complex hill templates (this seems to be a old bug from vanilla AOE3 regarding lighting vectors and hills)

  • There’s no description for level locked cards in HC (aka Level Required).

  • Building too close from hill edges can lead to square shaped terrain formations due to terrain adaptation.

  • Act I - Temple of the Aztec | Can be exploited if you skip building the trading post. AI doesn’t react while the that trigger isn’t fired.

  • Lack of support for nVidia filters.

  • Binding hotkeys with a previously used hotkey force you to rebind the used hotkey, but doesn’t tell which hotkey it is. Also, no search option for hotkeys.

  • Ingame cinematic conversation UI is oversimplified, fonts are too default and small. Overall it ruins immersion.

  • Native marketplaces should be built over the mines to justify the extra cost of the building, effectively blocking foreign mining.

  • Lack of lore (and visual) consistency between Community Plaza and rites. Animations should include people performing rituals, crafting tasks and such.

  • Changing player colors doesn’t change the campaign cinematic colors.

  • Broadside attack for Ships must be used individually by each ship unit type.

  • Toggling Packed mode for artillery will only toggle the current artillery type when multi artillery is selected.

  • AI behavior on Moderate / Hard is unstable on campaign. On Act 1, it will mostly defend and rarely send any armies toward the player.


nice list. i think you need to open a thread for every bug

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