Bugs I noticed from day 1

Hi all , in short - I love the DE, but it has problems, which might be natural, but it still makes me sad.

  1. Sometimes when you click multiplayer you go in right away but sometimes I wait for 2-3 mins., this is not my headache though, Im OK with this
  2. There is a tendency to disconnect people in the beginning of rated 1v1 - I played 4 games and 4 times someone drops, I was dropped 2x and my enemy was dropped 2x , always BEFORE the 5 min mark and we didnt feel any lag before dropping
  3. In the campaign sometimes the dialogue or other text that has to be seen and then has to “fade away” just stays forever… Other people saw this too
  4. In the single player I saw a rare issue -only once, where I raided a lumber camp with Light Cavalry and then the AI ofc. decided that his villagers have to run - but in like 2s they stopped and froze and I killed them all
  5. In single player sometimes the AI from my team just stops doing anything even though he has like 20+ units in his main and does not even respond to commands like attack an enemy
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