Bugs Release 2.8

Game Version:

These are bugs found in the 2.8 version


  • Villagers still get stuck in gold mines, screenshot from first game on 2.8 :
  • Villagers stop working, mining golg, gathering wood and just idle at their spot even if there is a resource near.
    Will add more 2.8 bugs when i play more.

Since i cannot edit any longer, following issues are also still present in the game :

  • Starting a multiplayer game instead starts a single player game. Once a lobby is filled we start a game and sometimes it turns out to be a single player game, every player in the lobby has this and starts a single player offline game on the map. It is not with certain maps, its a general issue. You can usually notice this because instead of the normal screen where you wait until all players are loaded you load directly into the game.
  • Not all players are visible in the lobby, you host a 6 player lobby and sometimes the last 2 spots disappear for everyone except the host. This leads to the people in spot 5 and 6 to not being able to click in. A workaround used by players is to set the game to a supremacy game and let p5 and 6 set ready and then change to the scenario map.
  • Players showing up with the name connecting… in the lobby instead of their real usename. This is on a person per person basis it is not because one person sees connecting… for a player than another person sees connecting… too.
  • Starting a multiplayer game crashes the game cmpletely. I do not know if this is the case for some or all players like issue nr 1. If the host has this then the game eventually times out and crashes to the main menu.

On the bright side the game crashes less when you start one, but thats about all thats improved.

  • If a player crashes while the game is starting then the game crashes for everyone after a while, until that point we only get to see the loading screen.
  • There still seem to be some crashes on people dc’ing.
  • After someone loses connection and we get the screent hat requests us to wait for the player or drop the player it can happen that the player does reconnect but the game freezes instead of continueing.