[BUGS] Unable to join LAN hosted game

This bug is around here for a month, people make thread, mod, devs seem ignore the forums.
There is no point to play the game without friends.
How it happen:

  • Click on Multiplaer
  • Click on Lobby Browser, game freeze around 10s
  • Click on Create Lobby, game freeze for about 10s
  • Choose LAN network at bottom of server selection
  • Click create lobby, wait about 15s.
  • Okay, now I can created LAN game with ping 108ms (WTF!!!)
  • Click on Invite:
    • choose steam invite, choose my friend, click send invite, nothing happen.
    • choose invite, click on my friend name, send invite, wait about 10s, after click few times on invite button, it grey out.
  • My friend received invite message, he click on the message to accept invite
  • Phew, it’s start loading into lobby.
  • Boom, Unable to join game. Error: Unknown Error


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Welcome here. Just to be sure, because I couldn’t read this clearly from your report. You and your friend are connected on the same local network while you test LAN network multiplayer game?

Welcome to the forums!

How’s your setup for the LAN, could you detail more? Firewall, Ports, Ethernet, etc.

Have you tried this already?

Also, the proper section to post a bug is on #age-of-empires-ii:aoe2-de-bugs

Hello, I have the same problem, I don’t know why but the game doesn’t allow me to play on a Local Lan Server, it tells me an unknown error even though we have already opened ports 8888, 5222 etc. it only tells us an unknown error and we are fed up.

I want to add to BabiestImpala24. Yesterday I checked the ports and ip addresses on which the lan server is listening. I turned off all additional network interfaces and let only the one of my physical lan network. Checked same thing on second pc in the same lan network with same subnet. Both machines when creating lan servers are listening on same subnet in lan and on port 8888 if i detected correctly. We cannot see each others game through the lobby and sending an invitation generates the above displayed errormessage. Something worth mentioning is when you create lan game and leave your own host lan lobby you can see your game in the multiplayer game browser for some time. I understand if the cross platform multiplayer service has issues. But to have a lan option and not to work is absurd.

Same issue here. Very disappointed in the level of support this issue is receiving. There seem to be many other threads relating to issues getting LAN games to work.