Bugs I have found:
-Mamelukes no attack sound
-Tarkans have no flame on their torch
-Galleons have no attack sound
-Combat sounds cut out when theres lots of action on the map (only happened once, 8 ai players only)
-Sound cutting out during William Wallace campaign if you trigger too many dialogues from narrator
-No death sounds for most units
-Sometimes cannon balls dont display a impact effect + sound when missing a unit
-Scorpion bolts no impact effects when attacking rams (saw it with khmer scorps)
-no arrows sticking in ground (not sure if bug or intended)
Thats all I have for now, will update if i find more

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they now of the death sound, it will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Tarkans still have no flame on their torch! :unamused::unamused: