Build Order Maker: Web App

Hi, I made a web app for AoE3DE. App is here:
In this app, you can easily make figure of build order with drag and drop.

This is sample with this app.

Only Western 8 Civs are available for now: actually it is beta version.

I would be apprecitate if you could comment for this app.


It’s pretty smart actually. But it needs support for non-vanila civs as well.

Nice work.


Great effort! can add restricting cards by age, non-repeatition /build limit etc

Also a better sorting n searching for cards :slight_smile: Great concept btw

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Great work @WindyAntelope67. Add in non-vanilla civs and allow sorting cards by age/building, then it’ll be good to go!

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Thank you all.
I added Swedes now.


Love this! just one small addition i’d like is for settlers to be available in the training category (as in train settlers). Also you cannot place blockhouse in age 1 as it seemed to be locked off until age 2.

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Thank you for the report!

I fixed it, and I added Training Settler, Coureur now


I Added Indians now.
asian civs are WIP

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