Build Orders For All Civs

Anyone point me to where or some good videos on any civ build orders. I just want to learn as many as I can. If you want you can tell me your favorite from what civ you use so I know more about the game.

The difficult thing is, there are no real build order expect the first 6-min everything else is adapted I would even say depending on the match up and map as well as the way your resources spawn. In my opinion, this is the beauty of this game. As a general guideline u should be aged up at the latest 5 min unless it’s a hybrid map and u take water with 1 or even 2 docks u can reach age 2 at 7-8 min the latest and u should be able in that case to go straight to castle I have some very clean HRE build orders where u get to imp in 11 min on hybrid maps if your opponent allows for a passive game that is. If u want I can give u very nice build orders for HRE, Delhi, Chines, English or Abbasid until age up.