Building a Discord for Competitive AoE 4, Liquipedia Coverage, Connecting with Organizers, and more

Hey there mates,

I am an esport writer and Liquipedia reviewer for the Age of Empires wiki. Obviously, I am a big fan of the AoE franchise and of the esports side of AoE. So I wanted to make a short write-up to hopefully add some fuel to the AoE4 pyre and get the scene going strong early.

First, a competitive AoE 4 discord. I know there are a lot of content creators (like Aussie Drongo) who created separate chats for AoE4, and many others will too. But they are generally just for that content creator’s community. So I built a discord just for AoE 4 competitive games. A place to look for matches, tournament announcements, news, etc. It is open to everyone who wants to promote their tournaments too. Here is the invite link: Competitive AoE 4

Second, Liquipedia. Since this weekend is not NDA-bound, I will be picking up icons for maps and civs so those can be on liquipedia for tournaments. As it stands there are no guidelines for AoE4 and there likely won’t be ones for a while as tournaments come and go and everybody gets a feel for what is and isn’t a big event in the scene.

This also makes it the best time to hop on the Liquipedia discord and join the soon-to-be discussions on what events and guidelines we should have and to help contribute to the wiki as new events pop up.

Third, Connecting with Organizers, this is the most important one. Like I plugged before if the Age of Empires 4 Competitive discord server actually gets big and attracts organizers that is the best-case scenario to help people work together to organize events.

The second best way is to make sure to share it here or on other platforms (like Twitter, or Facebook) if you see an event. And please, make sure to say who is organizing or who is working on events (this goes to people sharing events and organizing them) if we give recognition to admins and other support staff then we open the door for them to work on more projects going forward.

Tournament Platforms: if you want to host a tournament this weekend or in the near future, these are the currently available bracket platforms you can choose ordered from easy to hard to use:

There are others, and you can always use a google sheet, but these are all free and relatively easy to use.

On a personal note, if you are planning to host an event, do let me know via a DM here, on my Twitter, or through discord (Adico#8961) so I can share it/be aware of it.