Building an army (Any Civ)

At what point do you guys mostly build an army and what units do you produce and how many? Doesn’t matter what civ. Just need to know when I should start thinking about it.

It always depends. What map is it, is it a team game or 1v1? What civ did you pick and what civ did the opponent pick? What strategy did you go for? Aggressive or defensive/economical? What did you scout in the opponent’s base?

You might start at around 5 minutes or it could be 10 minutes or later. You may also choose to build some army continuously to hedge your bets if you are unsure about whether you will get attacked (if prevented from scouting).

I would say scout often and adapt. However it is always easier to dictate the pace of the game by attacking than trying to anticipate where to defend. Putting pressure on the opponent’s economy is always better than your own villagers have to run to safety and be idle.

It is also recommended that you scale your production buildings over time (keep adding them), especially late game you need a large number of barracks, archery ranges and stables etc to sustain military production. You will also need an economy of around 110 to 120 villagers to back this up so you can keep at maximum army count.

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Siege, as much as I can do

It took me too long to realize making a huge army and attacking isn’t doesn’t matter. What matters is how much you can keep making and how much you can scale it. Most people do linear growth. e.g Collect resources and then make a huge army and attack. If your army dies you have to build them again. On the other hand if you have eco that lets you create army at a rate and you can scale it as time passes you can exhaust enemies out of resources and never let them reach a critical mass to attack you.

I try to do the same. From age 2 (4:30) onward I have a constant production of units that scales as the time passes. You have to carefully manage your eco to achieve this.


As I come from Aoe3DE im still sooo used to treaty mode 40 minutes. So I always tend to wait tooo much until I make army since nobody could attack me then. Now with this new mode I learnt that the rush may come any minute so in age 2 i build range or barracks and start queueing some soldiers just in case the other biotch sends her first small wave

Ideally, you want to be thinking about it as the game is loading in and you see what Civ you’re up against. As soon as you feel the need to prepare for something, you start training an army. Sparingly at first, so as not to interfere with your Landmarks going up, then, as your economy can sustain it, you begin to transition into a more steady supply of units.

There isn’t much more to it than experience guiding you to the correct timing.

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Start building an army at 50 mins after you have completed your city, if your opponent sends military into the city before then resign and accuse them of rushing

Depends on the civ you are playing. And on the civ the enemy is playing. And on the map.

But MOSTLY on scouting. Information is key! HRE is a defensive civ, in theory, but we all know some players love a late Feudal MAA+ram push. Scout, scout and scout.

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I love using english.

I normaly rush for archer and send units the moment it come out.

Event if it is just one archer, it can disturb one villager or a group, making enemy waste resources gather.

Over time, the missing resources add up and you get a biger army then your opponent, over time.

After archer, i rush ram and send it on enemy buildings, some time they defend it whit mass villager or let it be destroyed. But, in the two case, they lose resourcess.

Then i cut resources access to my enemy and force him to expend in a direction, where i can raid easely and always know what he can gather. XD

I kill my opponent in a slow way, that he can only see minor loss, that became mager over time.