Building construction randomly cancelling after placement

I issue a build command with one of my villagers and randomly, about once per game, a building will not appear. It makes the usual confirmation noise when placing a building plan on the map, but by the time I look back at the progress the worker is just standing there idle and the building plan is gone. When I try to reproduce this I can’t intentionally. The building grid limits me to place buildings only where they are possible (not on resources) and 99% of the time they get built. But randomly 1 building here or there appears to get cancelled for no reason. Does anyone have any advice? I can’t find other people reporting this but it happens to me nearly every game. What’s weird is the villager is pulled off its task and walks to the construction site, so I know the command was issued. I’m confused why it sometimes doesn’t work.

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Its because you try to place it down on carcass of deer usually whic u cannot see in fog so vill thinks he can build something but when he gets the vision build is stopped … Sometimes happens with gold/stone as well because sometimes the build-blockers are a bit different with/without vision

No, not always the case. It is not uncommon (though also not common) that you put down a mining camp next to gold in the dark ages. The villager will walk up to the spot and then go to idle mode. The initial production “blueprint” that was put down has disappeared.

I’m not sure what causes this. It looks like a buggy UI in the fog of war: the gold ore might actually be 1 tile closer than appears in the fog. Hence the mining camp is placed on a tile where no production can be put. However: this only becomes apparent (“fixed” if you will) upon removing the fog of war when the villager approaches. When the ore pops a tile closer.

This is somewhat coherent with other fog of war issues: you can see palisade and stone wall outlines in the fog of war if you select to build a wall yourself, from time to time you can see the golden smite from the heavens when an enemy drops or completes a landmark. Tiles change when production buildings are put on them; even in the fog of war.


It’s clearly a bug though in most cases – as Kiezel says it regularly occurs with mining camps. It definitely has something to do with line of sight but it clearly isn’t working properly such that when the villager comes into view of the building they want to make it disappears, despite nothing being in the way. You can immediately put the building back down at the same time.

Yep, exactly as TheTrebuchet said.

@Kiezel Yea, I noticed the blueprint gridlock system is different in fog of war, the buildings don’t snap to the side of the resource if it’s in fog so I guess it is possible to misclick on the resource and not place anything. BUT, the villager wouldn’t normally accept the command in that case, so it’d be immediately obvious you misclicked. What I’m experiencing is often within sight, the starting resources even. The villager accepts the build command and walks up to the site but then nothing. I’ll try to keep an eye out for 1 tile differences.

I’ll also note that it happens with walls too. Occasionally I’ll line up a wall segment, everything snaps to borders and turns green, I left click, then boom the whole thing disappears as if I pressed escape. Then I repeat the exact same segment and it works fine. I think this is related to units in the fog that are moving through the footprint tho, enemy units specifically since allied would be seen and move out of the way automatically.

Sheep carcass blocking building I think is intentional, I’d like to try using it offensively sometime, killing sheep in a choke point to block walls.

Happened again just now and I caught a bit more details with what’s going on. I placed a mill near a patch of berry bushes and the mill was locked to the side of a bush, but right as I clicked to place it it seemed to jump up 1 tile. The transparent image of the building was actually overlapping one of the small bushes which is what caught my attention to it. A half second later the worker arrived and the building was cancelled, worker went idle.

I’m going to watch the replay later to see whether all of the bushes were in sight or whether some were in fog or any other details that may pop out.

I took a video of what’s going on. Loaded a single player game and scouted out some nearby bushes, went to place a mill near the bushes, and immediately recreated the bug. On my first and third tries, the mill ends up overlapping a bush and getting cancelled. The second try it worked normally and I stopped production on the mill manually.

The bushes were all just outside of line of sight, but you can see that I have a green blueprint when I place down the windmill. Then the windmill just randomly jumps NE 1 row and lands on the small bush. Seems to either be random or related to how close you click to the bush.


Ok I know exactly what’s going on and how to reproduce it 100% now. It can happen with any building and with gold, stone, berries. Not trees. I think I would need to make another video to explain it best, but I’ll try to explain quick:
Mines and mills have a 2x2 tile footprint.
Bushes, gold, stone within sight will give you a yellow blueprint whenever your mouse hovers anywhere within the 2x2 box of a possible build location.
Bushes, gold, stone out of sight have an invisible half tile border around the resource that acts differently. If you are about to place a building plan and your mouse crosses the halfway line of a tile that is bordering a shaded resource, the game relocates the position of the mill to the overlap the resource and changes the color to red, signifying that you are mousing over or technically just too close to the resource.

The bug happens when:
One or more of the tiles in the 2x2 building plan is bordering a resource.
One of the tiles in the 2x2 building plan is out of sight and the half of that shaded tile that is bordering the resource wants to restrict production on mouseover.
One of the tiles in the 2x2 building plan is in sight and can be moused over edge-to-edge and maintain the yellow building plan.

If those conditions are present and you happen to place the building by clicking on the bordering half of the in-sight tile, then the game attempts to overlap the resource with the building, creating the bug scenario.

When both tiles of a 2x2 building that are bordering a resource are in sight, then it doesn’t matter how close you click, the building produces correctly without overlap.
When both bordering tiles of a 2x2 building are out of sight, the half-tile restriction border around the resource keeps your mouse from placing the building by changing the color and position of the building when your mouse is hovering 1/2 tile close to the resource.

Does that make sense?

Hey @Heftydogg! Great investigative work!! You are very much appreciated :heart:. I’ll make sure to get this bug over to the team.

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