Building Destruction / Unit Physics / God Powers Aspects

As the title says, there are some points of concern since Retold is using the AoE 3 DE engine.

Buildings Destructions.

There wasn’t anything more pleasant than bringing down mills with cannons in AoE 3. I remember how amazed I was when I saw it back in 2005. I hope AoMR receives the same love and treatment. Even AoE I and II have some fancy building destruction animations.
Since AoMR has AoE 3 DE engine I suppose we will have some cool animation while attacking buildings, like parts of it falling apart.

Units Physics
Like the previous point, do you remember attacking soldiers with cannons and watching them fly? or even better, attack them with cannons at the edge of a cliff and see how they fall through it. I wonder if the same stuff will be implemented in Retold. I know the Bang engine has Havok physics so it should be possible.
I remember that Minotaurs and Cyclops actually COULD send to fly some units since it was their special ability BUT I wonder if we can achieve some stuff with catapult projectiles for example.

Gods Powers Aspects/Graphics
Just a simple question, since some part of the art is being redone, I ask myself if this will apply to Gods Powers too. Meteors strike was cool at his time, but imagine how could it be done with this engine, imagine seeing the rock on fire falling from the sky, it just would be EPIC.

I really hope to see in Retold the same stuff that we could see and do in Age III at its time.

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I have to say, I wonder how they are going to deal with the destruction of the buildings. Of course, catapults and such things could break parts of a building with each projectile, just like in AOE3. Human units on the other hand, will probably keep melee attacks on buildings, so we may not see too much noticable damage. Some myth units, like the cyclop, may be able to crack the buildings.

However, I do hope we won’t see fire magically appear on damaged buildings.

I wonder if the devs are going to make it more realistic and overall better looking, and how?